The 19th Shakuhachi Summer Camp of the Rockies, 2016

The registration for the 2016 camp is now open!

The Experience

The Shakuhachi Summer Camp of the Rockies,has an emphasis on total immersion in playing, learning and experiencing the profound world of the shakuhachi, with Honkyoku, Sankyoku, Folk, Modern Improvisation and more. There are also special concerts by the faculty and students .

This year’s Rocky Shakuhachi Camp will focus on animals in Japanese music, with many “animated" performances and discussions.The theme of animals, both real and imaginary, in Japanese music can be found in almost all genres, including shakuhachi honkyoku and sankyoku, as well as in modern works. Some of these pieces mimic animal sounds to create intriguing musical passages, while others anthropomorphize animals or relate various legends of animals, with their sometimes supernatural powers, and how they interact with people and reflect the human or social situation of the time. Japanese music is rich in animal imagery, and an observation of these pieces provide us a glimpse of how the Japanese view animals.

We will of course be sharing our time at sunrise ranch with the many animals there, both wild (elk, perhaps bear, wild turkeys and myriad other birds) and domestic, as well as the human type!

The Community

Previous participants of Rocky Shakuhachi Camp want to share the special experiences and community of shared study, practice and living that this camp creates with new participants from Japan, Europe, Australia, China and around the world. Our venue, Sunrise Ranch, is the ideal place for this. Located in a beautiful mountain valley just west of Loveland, Colorado, it enables all participants to study, dine and live together for the duration of the Camp.


Shakuhachi Camp participation will directly enhance any shakuhachi player's musical life. Participants at camp will study with some of the greatest masters, learning and practicing pieces in preparation for the Student Concert, and attending lectures and workshops regarding all aspects of shakuhachi theory, history and practice. You are welcome to join in a variety of extracurricular activities, including Sunrise Robuki, Morning Yoga and Meditation and evening socializing, in a full-time celebration of this community.

Beginners Welcome!

Beginner studentswill be provided with their own corecurriculum, and all levels—from absolute beginner to advanced—will have theopportunity tostudy a select number of pieces with great thoroughness anddepth.


All lectures and classes will be conducted bi-lingually in English and Japanese, with Chinese translation when needed.

2014 Shakuhachi Camp Group Photo

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